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Weigel Drainage Ltd. will provide a design that best suits the field layout, with tile runs that conture the hills, cutting off the flow of water rather then up the hill, allowing water to migrate to the surface. With a large service area, from Stayner to Goderich and Lions Head to Grand Valley, we have an extensive knowledge of different soil types and topographic conditions. Repeat and word of mouth provides more then 90% of the work, as such Weigel Drainage Ltd. has a reputation that is one of the best in the industry. 


SPS985 GNSS SMART ANTENNA along with a YUMA 2 tablet computer, provides the most accurate survey and allows us to go back to a site and locate tile and data without a reference benchmark. Mounted on a CAN-AM XMR lets us get into places to survey that typically wouldn't let you get into.


The design of a systematic drainage system is done by the owner of the company, who also completes the survey. This allows for the best possible design. There is no outsourcing of the survey and design as some            drainage companies have been doing, but if the landowner has a survey and design we can work                with the surveying party and develope a system that is up to the standards of Weigel Drainage Ltd.            The Image below shows the use of Terramodel for the Design of a farm near Paisley, where the use of          curves is vital as the land is rolling and has some steep sidehills. The curves allow for better contouring          of the hills which helps slow erosion and lowers the water table before reaching the surface.


The Maps that are provided to the Landowner are as built maps. The use of as designed maps does not always give an accurate location of the tile Drains. Providing as built maps portrays the field exactly as installed, this allows for changes on the go. Maps show acrage tiled, feet installed, and colour coded to tile sizes.

design of farm near Paisley
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